El viaje de las tijeras

Qué sonidos habitan una casa. Cuál es el sonido de un hogar. Cómo se entremezcla con el recuerdo de lo que una vez fue ‘casa’. Cuando deja de ser un lugar concreto, la idea del hogar se convierte en un conjunto heterogéneo de recuerdos, llenos de sonidos, olores, recuerdos táctiles, colores de los tejidos que vivían en casa, la ropa en la…

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International Women’s Day

Can’t wait to visit these exhibitions!! (online for now, which can be a wonderful way to keep our passion going). To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, I join the conversation with a list of (online and upcoming) exhibitions about and/or by women. I cannot wait to visit physically our museums, galleries, historic houses, and in general any cultural institution. We need to…

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Spanish farthingale in the 17th Century: Women’s bodies controlled through fashion

The Guardainfante was a type of farthingale, which developed through time from a bell shape to a huge rectangular shape, which could remind us of the 18th Century Mantuas from France and England. The Spanish word “Guardainfante” can be translated as “hide the infant”. This hanging structure for the skirt would act as an extremely rigid armour that would limit the movements…

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About the blog

Welcome to historyDelights blog! Hi, I am Laura M. Mateu, a History graduate (2008); visiting postgrad at ‘Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico’ (Cultural Anthropology); Qualified Teacher in England & Wales (major in History-Geography; vocational training and MFL); and currently a part-time master’s student at University of Leicester, Heritage and Interpretation. I am based in Lancashire, England; although originally from Madrid. After living…

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