Laura M. Mateu

Welcome to historyDelights blog!

Hi, I am Laura M. Mateu, a History graduate (2008) from ‘Universidad Complutense’; visiting postgrad at ‘Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico’ (Cultural Anthropology); Qualified Teacher in England & Wales (major in History-Geography; vocational training and MFL); and currently a part-time master’s student at University of Leicester, Heritage and Interpretation.

I am based in Lancashire, England; although originally from Madrid. After living for a decade in many different countries, I decided to create some roots in the UK.

This blog started as a desire to feel more connected to the subject that is a key element of my life, History; and as a way to have a personal creative outlet focussing on the themes that make me feel alive and, hopefully, to connect with other amateur historians, academics and anyone in love with the past.

My History/Heritage research interests are varied. My love for this subject started with the Mediterranean, followed by an obsession for Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica. However, it is in the last years that I found myself in love with the Long 18th Century, as well as with historical costume and textile.